Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Reacher Experiment Boxed Set Books 1-3 by Jude Hardin @JudeHardin

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Set in the Reacher Universe by permission of Lee Child

Meet Jack Reacher’s genetic duplicate. And the assassins determined to track him down…

This discounted box set includes:
Dead Ringer
Moving Target
No Escape

About The Jack Reacher Experiment Series

Rock Wahlman: Forty-one years old, United States Navy Master at Arms, E-8, retired.

DOB 14 October 2057.

Grew up in an orphanage, recently discovered that he is the product of a human cloning experiment, an exact genetic duplicate of a former army officer named Jack Reacher.

Now someone wants all evidence of the experiment to be erased, which means that someone wants Wahlman to be erased.

He’s on the run, desperate to survive, desperate to learn the truth about why all this is happening…

The use of story situations and supporting characters from the Jack Reacher universe authorized by Lee Child.

This compilation is 70,000 words, approximately 314 pages.

Note: While the name Jack Reacher and some of the supporting characters and story situations are used with author Lee Child’s permission, the Jack Reacher character remains offstage in The Jack Reacher Experiment thrillers.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Blades Of Magic by Terah Edun @TEdunWrites

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It is not a peaceful time in the Algardis Empire. War is raging between the mages and seventeen-year-old Sara Fairchild will be right in the middle of it.

She just doesn't know it yet.

Sara is the daughter of a disgraced imperial commander, executed for desertion. Sara is also the best duelist and hand-to-hand combatant in Sandrin. She lives quietly with her family's shame but when challenged about her family's honor, her opponent inevitably loses.

On the night she finds out her father's true last actions, she takes the Mercenary Guilds' vows to serve in the emperor's army. Using her quick wits and fierce fighting skills, she earns a spot in the first division.

There she discovers secrets the mages on both sides would prefer stay hidden. Dark enemies hunt her and soon it's not just Sara questioning the motivation behind this war.

While fighting mages, blackmailing merchants and discovering new friends, Sara comes across something she's never had before - passion. The question is - can she fight for her empress against a mage who might unwittingly claim her heart?

This is year one of the Initiate Wars. Sara is hoping it doesn't become the year she dies.

King Peso by Carmen Amato @CarmenConnects

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Imagine if you were the first and only female police detective in Acapulco. Drug money is everywhere. Corruption is as common as the salt breeze off the ocean.

Three cops have been murdered. You worked with them all.

Your partner's wife is killed in a home invasion. Was he the real target?

Are you the next?

Detective Emilia Cruz is still reeling from the death of Franco Silvio's wife and a shakeup in the detectives squadroom when she's reassigned. Her new police unit is a political time bomb championed by Acapulco's ambitious mayor and overseen by a shady union strongman.

Despite the new job, Emilia is determined to crack the so-called El Trio murders before the cop killer strikes again. Unexpected help comes from a frightened attorney and a famous movie star, but each new clue unravels the one before.

Meanwhile, Emilia's ongoing hunt for a missing girl from her own neighborhood leads to the infamous El Pharaoh casino. Emilia and Silvio have been there before.

They weren't lucky. Certain people want to make sure they won't be this time, either.

Emilia doesn't have a winning hand, and her gamble to save her old partner results in a shocking Mexican standoff.

Hold or fold.

Which would you choose?

Goliath by Richard Turner

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In 1931, during its maiden voyage, the British Airship Goliath mysteriously disappears without a trace. Hidden deep inside is a secret that could change the world.

Present day, in The Philippines, an attempted kidnapping draws historian Jennifer March and former soldier Ryan Mitchell into a deadly race to find the Goliath before a mysterious figure who threatens to topple governments and the lives of millions. From Alaska, to West Africa to Iceland the hunt for the truth is on.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lily in the Stone by J.P. Sterling

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In the emotional sequel to Ruby in the Water, Peter Arnold embarks on a journey to uncover his family's secret history before his diagnosis proves fatal. Along the way, he's forced to question everything he thought was true about his parents, his past, and his future including Peter's own feelings about his childhood, Gwen.

With one last hope at recovery, Peter will have to make the hardest choice of his life. Will he fight for what he believes, or leave everything up to fate?

Take part in this breathtaking tale about the power of friendship, family, love, and the beauty finding your true self.

Review - Dark Ride by P.G. Kassel @PGKassel

Some criminals have all the luck, but Marty’s is about to run out…
Marty Wedlow needs one last score before he can skip town. It’s only a matter of time before two thugs he swindled point a finger… and their guns in his direction. But even when Marty is brought to the police station for his latest crime, he’s not worried. Marty is incredibly lucky.

After dodging the long arm of the law yet again, Marty looks for another illicit payday at a local amusement park. What he finds instead is a mysterious stranger who prophesies that his lucky days are running out. He ignores the warnings as he pursues a vicious conquest. But good fortune is a wheel, and Marty is about to find out what happens when it spins in the other direction.

Dark Ride is a supernatural thriller in the vein of The Twilight Zone. If you like eerie amusement parks, pulse-pounding page-turners, and a touch of the paranormal, then you’ll love P.G. Kassel’s electrifying story.

Review - A short novella that could easily have been fleshed out more. The police character were one dimensional and not very bright. They've been after Marty Wedlow for a while but he always outsmarted them.

What was interesting, to be introduced to Marty as some kind of anti-hero and slowly revealed to be a real scum bag. The police are definitely incapable of bringing him to justice but Marty finally meets justice in a horrific manner. My favorite line from the book is this, "He ignored God and God's ways his entire life, and now it was not God reaching for him but Satan." It sums up Marty in one sentence.

It's a quick fun read with not a lot of meat on it's bone but yet still a tasty literary snack.

Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt @Brenda_Hiatt

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The middle of nowhere just got a lot more interesting!

Nerdy astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, has never been anybody special. Orphaned as an infant and reluctantly raised by an overly-strict "aunt," she's not even sure who she is. M's dream of someday escaping tiny Jewel, Indiana and making her mark in the world seems impossibly distant until hot new quarterback Rigel inexplicably befriends her. As Rigel turns his back on fawning cheerleaders to spend time with M, strange things start to happen: her acne clears up, her eyesight improves to the point she can ditch her thick glasses, and when they touch, sparks fly--literally! When M digs for a reason, she discovers deep secrets that will change her formerly mundane life forever . . . and expose her to perils she never dreamed of.

Book 1 of the award-winning Starstruck series, where teen romance blends with science fiction to open a whole new world of action, adventure and discovery.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Corpus Callosum by Erika Price

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When 30-year-old firefighter Josephine Porter dies in the line of duty, her sister Jeanette arranges to have Joey’s brain uploaded to a computer system called BrightBox. At first, Jeanette is thrilled to have her sister’s mind stored in a small device that she can bring with her wherever she goes; life seems to become one unending slumber party.

But being trapped in a BrightBox doesn’t suit Joey well—she experiences painful phantom limbs, strange auditory and visual hallucinations, and finds herself remembering things that never actually happened. Plus there’s all the strange information that keeps downloading into Joey’s hard drive…information that Joey doesn't want to know, and that BrightBox’s parent company finds dangerous. Soon Jeanette must enlist the help of BrightBox’s sales representative and the product’s senile inventor, in order to track down the source of the strange downloads and restore her sister’s sanity.

Corpus Callosum is a work of literary science fiction that explores how people cope with death and anguish, how individuals form and express selfhood under extreme states of flux, and what we lose when all data is saved.

Deceptive Cadence by Kathryn Guare @KGuare

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Meet Conor McBride. A man with deadly skills he never wanted to learn. But if he wants to survive, he'd better start using them. Fast.

He was a talented musician once, but now he's disappeared into an undercover identity to search for the man who ruined his career: his own brother.

On a journey from the green fields of Ireland to the tumultuous streets of India, Conor McBride is following the trail of a brother who betrayed him, but he's playing a dangerous game without rules. More betrayals are on the way as he comes to realize the allies he trusted to help him might be the people he should fear the most.

The Things We Leave Behind by TanyaAnneCrosby @TanyaAnneCrosby

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Zoe Rutherford has come to the end of her rope. Her relationship with Chris has reached the breaking point and it is time to leave. But can she leave? And if she does, what is she willing to leave behind?

This stunning short story, the prequel to Tanya Anne Crosby’s remarkable new novel, THE GIRL WHO STAYED, is tense, poignant, and deeply satisfying – exactly what readers have come to expect from this New York Times bestselling author.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Review - The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye by David Lagercrantz

Lisbeth Salander is back with a vengeance.

The series that began with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo continues as brilliant hacker Lisbeth Salander teams up with journalist Mikael Blomkvist to uncover the secrets of her childhood and to take revenge.

Lisbeth Salander—obstinate outsider, volatile seeker of justice for herself and others—seizes on a chance to unearth her mysterious past once and for all. And she will let nothing stop her—not the Islamists she enrages by rescuing a young woman from their brutality; not the prison gang leader who passes a death sentence on her; not the deadly reach of her long-lost twin sister, Camilla; and not the people who will do anything to keep buried knowledge of a sinister pseudoscientific experiment known only as The Registry. Once again, Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist are the fierce heart of a thrilling full-tilt novel that takes on some of the world's most insidious problems.

Review - This had all the familiar characters from the previous novel. So, the story is familiar and welcome. That's all. It's the least exciting of the 5 books and maybe the least pages for Lisbeth. If you have read previous novels,  you know that the character Lisbeth is not talkative to others but normally self reflective. Not so much this time. The supporting cast takes center stage for this story and when Lisbeth does fill in, it's just to punch someone in the neck or something.

It's familiar and that's what draws me to this series. I am hoping for more books where Lizbeth grows beyond her silence and violence. The book is good but not great.